Thursday, 30 July 2015

16 Confirmed Strategies To Augment Traffic Of Your Business Website

Are you expecting for the best methods to increase more traffic for your website? Do you want to understand what the paid and free options available are? Creating a constant flow of targeted traffic must be the primary objective for any business owner for their website. It goes well by saying that without visitors any website cannot bring success in their business. Therefore, take sufficient time to discover opportunities for drawing the attention of the people towards their site. There are about 16 proven techniques available for creating web traffic for one’s business website

Proven Strategies For Increasing Traffic For A Website:

Important On-Page Strategies:

  1. Regularly Publish Content:
in order to regularly publish content, you need to have blog and you must create content related to your business niche. The content must be unique, well-written, informative and eye-catching. 

  1. Optimize Website As Per Search Engines
To optimize your site, you need to follow the guidelines of the Google webmaster. Make use of descriptive and accurate tiles for articles or pages. Add tags to the posts which describe the content clearly and hence improve the speed and performance of the website as per the search engine. 

  1. Include Social Tools
Add important tools and plugging which permit the visitors to effortlessly share their content on any of the famous social marketing sites like Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

  1. Begin A Newsletter Or Mailing List
Include captions and links from the high-quality content. At least Mail newsletter either quarterly or monthly with catchy tiles to your visitors to increase traffic range. 

Excellent Free Off-Page Techniques:

  1. Use Social Media
To have high traffic, it is essential to create and maintain powerful presence on social networking medium like Google Plus, Instagram, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Facebook and so on. Share the content regularly to your followers from the networks and ask for their feedback or comments. 

  1. Gain Powerful Links From External Sources
Usually best links arrives generally from viewers who share or enjoy your content. However gain back links from the authority sites related to your niche. Avoid buying spammy links as it will destroy your website reputation. 

  1. Participate In Online Communities And Forums
Add your website link either in profile or footer. Try to share some of the valuable content found in your site to online communities or forums so as to increase your traffic. 

  1. Guest Blog Writing
Some famous sites permit for guest writers so that traffic will increases extensively 

  1. Developing And Sharing High-Quality Videos:
Create and share informative and interesting videos related to your business niche. Videos assist in demonstrating your brand and experience thereby creating brand awareness among people. 

  1. Use Free Services Of Press Release
Some of the free press release sites are, and are quite useful in posting your press release regarding your company. 

Wonderful Paid Off-Page Strategies 

The aim of the successful website is to dramatically boost up the traffic for a sustainable, reliable and long period of time. To gain this, you need to spend your resources, efforts and time towards creating recognizable and quality brand. The below mentioned are some of the methods of getting traffic through paid methods.  

  1. Pay Per Click Networks
  2. Banner Advertising
  3. Sponsored Social Media Marketing
  4. Sponsored Reviews
  5. Premium Press Releases
  6. Social Media Advertising

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

7 Best Ways To Receive Shares, Comments And Likes On Facebook

Are you worrying that only fewer people are viewing your Facebook posts? And so, you are obtaining only likes shares, comments and likes from the posts then there is no need of worrying anymore.  With organic reach moribund for most of your Facebook pages then the business owner have to do plenty of things so as to keep their page highly attractive in visitors news feed. If you are searching for the wonderful way to enhance your reach then you are provided with some useful tips.
Creating Your Posts On Facebook Purposeful:
  1. Add Photos:
Photos are extremely responsible for making about 93% of engaging posts as a result, your photo post will get more likes and comments as well as click-through compared to the normal text based posts. Viewers always look for easy way to known about the business product as they get bored on reading long texts instead they get interacted by viewing photos or images.
  1. Be Concise:
Posting lengthy passages or paragraphs will not let you receive good likes and comments rather cutting the lengthier paragraph into important points will make you to receive good shares and comments over your posts. Most of the visitors like to engage with your business product only if you have short and crispy points regarding the product. Consequently, you will get more number of likes and comments regarding your posts in shorter time.

  1. Use Emoticons:
As per the research, emoticons will boost up the comments by about 33%. Posts having emoticons will be received with more comments and hence shared with other people so that they also like the post more than the posts without emoticons. Since, emoticons play a indies pensible role in getting more comments and likes beyond your expectation. 
  1. Post On Thursday And Friday:
Engagement rates are comparatively higher during Thursdays as well as Fridays compared to rest of the days. You are sure to get more comments, likes and shares on those two days in extensive amount.
  1. Post Questions:
It is witnessed that questions create 100 percent comments compared to normal posts with general statements. Moreover, questions having limited and quick answers tend to obtain massive number of comments than your expectation. Since, questions have the capability to stir the emotion of the readers and hence make them to find solution for your questions as soon as possible. Consequently, they tend to post comments for your question posts. 
  1. Run Contests:
Most of the followers or fans wish to provide their likes to a page if it comprises of any contest along with other contest related page like entry, enter, promotion, win, contest, winner or participation. These things will create the people to engage more and more than a normal post page. Fans like the Facebook page which includes of participate in a contest as it gathers their attention extensively. 
  1. Give Coupons Of Discounts:
Companies that wish to make their customers engage can prefer for coupon-based offers so that more numbers of fans likes your Facebook page with the intention of getting discounts or coupons. You also ensure to get highest engagement rates than other pages.