Friday, 13 February 2015

Why Responsive Website Design Is Good For Your Business?

Smart Phones and Tablets have changed the approach of businesses towards design and user experience of their website. Prior to the proliferation of smart phone devices that come with advanced web browsing ability, the web designers had only one challenge to deal with. They must keep the same feel and look of their websites browsers of desktop computers. The interaction with websites on tablets and smart phones is not as same as doing the same on the desktop computer monitors. Features of smart devices such as Touch Screen, Pixel Resolution, Optimized markup and support for Adobe’s Flash Technology have become crucial while developing websites with responsive website design.

Responsive Web Design is a unique approach of coding and laying out a website in such a way that it provides optimal viewing experience to all the viewers along with ease of navigation and reading with a minimum panning, resizing, and scrolling across a wide spectrum of devices including desktop computer monitors and mobile phones. The designer who creates the responsive web design must ensure that the navigation elements, text, images, screen layouts, audio and video players adjust themselves on different devices. So, one need not spend more time and money on creating and maintaining two different sites- one for mobile version and another one for desktop site version. 

Save Time And Money:

Though it is expensive to create a website with responsive web design than creating a conventional website, the expenses for duplicating the website for mobile and other devices can be eliminated with this design. This helps you in cutting out the total web design costs significantly. Apart from that, a responsive website design cuts down the cost of maintaining different versions of the website, such as mobile version and desktop version.

Traffic From Mobile Phones:

The internet traffic which originates from mobile devices increases exponentially as more and more people are getting used to browsing the web on their tablets and smart phone. So, it is fool for any website owner to ignore the importance of having a website with responsive design. 

User Experience:

While informative content is king and the discoverability of the content is a metric of success, the user experience is one that enables visitors to acquire content on any website through their preferred devices. Responsive web design provides the optimal user experience regardless of whether they use a smart phone, tablet, smart TV or a desktop computer.

Atheist To Devices:

The responsive websites are atheist to devices as well as to their operating systems. It also ensures that the users can be the best experience consistently on any device used by the internet surfers. So, the website owners and the content writers need not exercise the option of building versions of their website for each and every popular device platform used by their audiences. 

Hassle Free Management: 

If you have a separate website versions for mobile devices and desktop devices, you should opt for two different SEO campaigns. But this is not the case when you have a website with responsive website design. You can facilitate both the desktop and mobile phone users besides not spending much time and money on managing the sites. 

Ahead Of Your Competitors: 

Instead of compartmentalizing your website content into disparate and device specific experiences, it is quite smarter to opt for responsive web design approaches. So, you can grab the attention of both smart phone users and desktop users as well. This helps you to stay ahead of your competitors who adhere to usual website design. All these aspects clearly depict that responsive website designs offer the way forward.

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